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I think that as a preppy, one thing that I remember about JFK is that the man was as preppy as I can get out.  He had real, true, all-American style that still translates into today. 


As we are mere days away from the 50th anniversary of his assassination, I cannot help but talk about the impact that he has had on my life.  He’s shaped my politics, my style, and the way I look at style.  He made it effortless, as did Jackie.  Jack left us too soon.

I am on a big tacky loafer kick.  I mean it.  Right now, I am all about these shoes (the ones above are from C. Wonder). What should you look for in a funky loafer? Gold and jewel tones.  

These are from Seychelles, and I found them at ModCloth.  These are super cute, too, and not as flashy (who doesn’t want flashy?!??!).

What should you wear these fabulous shoes with? 

  • Colored pants
  • Khakis 
  • Plaid skirts
  • Solid-color dresses

What should you not wear these with?

  • Printed pants (the skirt only works because it isn’t nearly as close to your ankles)
  • Faded jeans (no explanation needed)

Overall, this is a versatile shoe.  Have you seen some loafers that you like? If so, shoot me a message in the ask box.


Please excuse the mess that is this blog right now. It will be pretty again before you know it!

I’m going to switch it up on here a bit.  This blog, Official Preppy Handbook, will be all original posts. I’m in the process of creating a blog that will be reblogs only. I think that it’s important to highlight my own content while still appreciating others’ as well. 




Sigma Delta Tau

colors: cafe au lait and old blue

symbol: torch

flower: golden tea rose

mascot: teddy bear

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